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We send out our Open Positions Report every week on Friday. We fill it with positions that we know are open and are provided by serious employers.

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Our job postings aren’t automatically populated from the same resources you are already looking at. We hand curate every job that makes it on our list.

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We have been distributing the Open Positions Report (OPR) for over 20 years. For many healthcare and medical executives this document has been a valuable tool in job search, building relationships, networking and keeping fingers on the pulse of the healthcare/medical markets. The OPR is built on hundreds of hours of online research and referrals within our network, leads from healthcare & medical, hospitals, health systems, executive search and consulting firms. OpenPositionsReport.com is a niche job site dedicated to connecting Executives with Employers! If you wish to receive the Open Positions Report directly to your email box every week, you can sign up at OpenPositionsReport.com


What makes the OPR different is that we have actual people selecting each position and managing the scale of the Open Positions Report. This is us.
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Michael Britton

Michael Britton has deep expertise and been a Strategic advisor and key executive to many organizations and emerging markets for over 25+ years.
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Greg Sykes

Technical Director
Greg currently trains all of the TWG’s outplacement candidates on personal brand-building and job searching through LinkedIn and other online tech.
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Kim Rodriguez

Service Side Job Postings Curator
Progressive and accomplished experience in multiple business areas; IT, Human Resources and Healthcare.
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Rebecca Groves

Supply Side Job Postings Curator
6 years of experience in Industrial-Organizational Psychology – assisting Industrial Psychologists in assessing management candidates.

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